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Monthly Archives: April 2018

How to recover from bad credit and debt?

If you've dug yourself into a financial hole and feel you cannot get out, you're not alone. Many people are bogged down in debt and bad credit, and the only solution they can fathom is bankruptcy. Unfortunately, bankruptcy is not the simple solution that people think. Bankruptcy cannot erase all your debts, and it

How to recover from bad credit and debt? 2018-04-25T08:50:31+00:00

Understanding Identity Theft

Identity theft is a crime that is becoming more common with the rise of the Internet. In Malaysia, 1 in 10 fall victim to identity theft. The misuse of foreign identities can cause enormous damage and not just financially: Careers and even lives can be destroyed if third parties misuse a person's identity.

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What to Teach Kids about Stocks?

It can be hard to pass on money advice to the next generation. After all, things change and the world is a different place in 30 or 40 years than it is today. Here are three lessons on money, however, that may prove relevant at this time and beyond. Do not walk with the

What to Teach Kids about Stocks? 2018-04-11T06:26:30+00:00


RAM Credit Information Sdn Bhd (“RAMCI”), a leading Credit Reporting Agency licensed under the purview of the Ministry of Finance Malaysia, is relied upon for credit reports and scores by some of the most renowned global and local brands as well as Financial Institutions, SMEs and Government Agencies.

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